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Website Security

Advanced Cybersecurity Online Trainer Required

2 hours 1 min ago
As a professional looking to enhance my knowledge of cybersecurity, I'm seeking an online trainer with advanced-level expertise. The trainer must be proficient in the following areas: - Network Security... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Azure, Computer Security, Education & Tutoring, Education Consulting, Network Security, Research Writing, Web Security)

WordPress Malware Removal Specialist Needed

6 hours 39 min ago
I tried to install an SSL certificate and website went offline, I talked with a freelancer if I did something wrong, but he said Wordpress website has a malware and that's why it is offline, need somebody... (Budget: $10 - $30 CAD, Jobs: PHP, SSL, Web Security, WordPress)

Malware Removal & Website Refresh

6 hours 44 min ago
My law firm's webpage is currently experiencing issues with malicious code injections. I'm looking for a skilled professional to remove this malware (it's in Wordpress through Flywheel). Also, I need to do a "refresh" of some portions of the webpage to be interesting yet still professional... (Budget: $1500 - $3000 USD, Jobs: HTML, PHP, Web Security, Website Design, WordPress)

Comprehensive Subway Security System Implementation

8 hours 35 min ago
I am seeking a professional security systems expert for a project dedicated to enhancing the safety of more than 50 subway stations. The focus is on reducing crime rate to make an impact on passenger security... (Budget: $1000 - $4000 USD, Jobs: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, Security Systems, Software Development, Web Security)

Wordpress Captcha Troubleshooting

11 hours 44 min ago
I am getting spam form fill ups and hence I receive emails through forms and I can see all are spams. I am getting spam emails every 5 min through form submit... (Budget: $2 - $8 USD, Jobs: HTML, MySQL, PHP, Web Security, WordPress)

JSON or PHP Cookie Grabber

15 hours 32 min ago
I'm in need of a PHP or JSON cookie grabber that can be used for user behavior analysis. The tool should be compatible with shared hosting environments. Requirements: - Develop a PHP-based or JSON cookie... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: JavaScript, JSON, MySQL, PHP, Web Security)

Erase Digital Presence: Social Media, Info & Images

15 hours 49 min ago
I'm in need of someone specialized in online privacy matters in order to achieve an internet clean-up. Having my personal identity scattered over the internet has become overwhelming, and needs addressing urgently in the next month... (Budget: $750 - $1500 USD, Jobs: Certified Ethical Hacking, Coding, Computer Security, MySQL, Web Security)

Cybersecurity Expert Needed for Penetration Testing & Data Encryption

18 hours 41 min ago
I need a cybersecurity expert who can conduct penetration testing and data encryption tasks for me. Key Tasks: - **Penetration Testing:** This involves assessing the security of a system by simulating an attack from an external source... (Budget: $800 - $900 USD, Jobs: Computer Security, Internet Security, Web Security)

Urgent: Professional Web Security Rescue

Mon, 2024-04-22 22:05
I am experiencing a comprehensive security crisis with my website and urgently require the support of an expert. I suspect malware infection, website hacking, and data breaches. So, I'm most concerned about data encryption, vulnerability scanning, and firewall protection... (Budget: $25 - $50 USD, Jobs: Computer Security, HTML, Internet Security, PHP, System Admin, System Administration, Web Security)

Live session (2hrs) - GCE Load Balancer Setup & TLS Configuration

Mon, 2024-04-22 18:10
As an expert in Google Cloud services and security configurations, you'll be tasked to: - Set up a Load Balancer on Google Cloud Engine for a Google App Engine project in a two-hour live session via Google Meet with screen sharing... (Budget: $40 - $80 USD, Jobs: Computer Security, Linux, Network Administration, Ubuntu, Web Security)

Comprehensive Pentesting for Large Systems

Mon, 2024-04-22 18:05
I'm looking for a proficient pentester to conduct an extensive penetration test on a large and highly complex system. Key Aspects to test: - Network security - Web application security - Database security... (Budget: $750 - $1500 USD, Jobs: Computer Security, Internet Security, MySQL, Technical Writing, Web Security)

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Pentesting Service -- 2

Mon, 2024-04-22 18:05
I'm in need of a detailed pentesting service for my medium-sized business. I'm keen to ensure we are robustly secured and prepared for potential threats. The scope of the project will encompass: - Network... (Budget: $100 - $300 USD, Jobs: Computer Security, Internet Security, Software Testing, Testing / QA, Web Security)

Public PaaS Cloud Server for Web Hosting

Mon, 2024-04-22 12:36
I'm in need of an expert who can set up a public cloud server that will primarily serve as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for web hosting. This server will be my solution to hosting websites, so it's crucial that this is done with the utmost care and professionalism... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Cloud Computing, Network Administration, Web Security, Windows Server)

Facebook Account Recovery Assistance Needed

Mon, 2024-04-22 09:54
My Facebook account has been hacked and subsequently disabled. Despite my attempts at resetting the password, the issue persists. I am looking for a Facebook savvy professional who can help me recover it... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Certified Ethical Hacking, Computer Security, Internet Security, Web Security)

Windows Server & Network Repair

Mon, 2024-04-22 05:48
I'm in need of a network expert familiar with Windows Server 2016 and Turris Omnia firewall. I've got 7 or 8 workstations in my network and I'm experiencing some issues with LAN connectivity. While I can... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: DNS, Network Administration, System Admin, Web Security, Windows Server)

Urgent: Remove Harmful Programs Warning on Site

Mon, 2024-04-22 03:26
My website,, is currently displaying a "this site ahead contains harmful programs" message. I am the owner and administrator of the website, and I urgently need this warning removed. I... (Budget: $250 - $750 AUD, Jobs: HTML, PHP, Web Security, Website Design, WordPress)

Fraud Prevention Scampage Development

Sun, 2024-04-21 21:02
I need a talented developer to create a scampage for a website with an integral purpose of fraud prevention. The focus of this project relies heavily on: - User Registration Integration: Ability to develop a highly secure user registration system... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: HTML, MySQL, PHP, Web Security, Website Design)

Website Performance and Error Correction

Sun, 2024-04-21 11:11
As a website owner, I'm struggling with several issues that need addressing urgently. - My website has slow loading speed. After analyzing, I've identified excessive image sizes, unoptimized code, and server performance issues as the culprits... (Budget: £250 - £750 GBP, Jobs: HTML, Laravel, MySQL, PHP, Web Security)

Pentesting and Bug Hunting on

Sun, 2024-04-21 11:01
I'm looking for someone who can perform a thorough penetration test on my website, I'm not sure which specific areas of the site need more attention, so I'm looking for a professional who can examine the entire platform and find any potential security vulnerabilities... (Budget: ₹75000 - ₹150000 INR, Jobs: Computer Security, Internet Security, Usability Testing, Web Security, Website Testing)

Laptop Optimization and Security Installation

Sun, 2024-04-21 08:59
I'm currently facing multiple challenges with my electronics which require immediate assistance. Firstly, my Windows laptop is operating slower than usual, frequently displaying a rotating blue circle which suggests to me that the system is always busy... (Budget: £10 - £15 GBP, Jobs: Computer Security, Network Administration, System Admin, Web Security, Windows Server)

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