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Visual Basic barcode lookup by michaelramjeet

Wed, 2018-01-17 23:19
i need a software where i put the barcode and it give the name. you can read the it off the internet and if you cannot give me a demo before awarding do not bid i need to get a working demo you... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: .NET, PHP, Software Architecture, VB.NET, Visual Basic)

visual basic studio and sql server by SamAbdulha

Wed, 2018-01-17 22:35
I need Visual basic studio expert who can help in completing vb project and do the writing report. (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Microsoft SQL Server, VB.NET, Visual Basic)

VR application by CaptainCrunchy

Wed, 2018-01-17 20:52
I would like to create an app in Microsoft HoloLens that would allow visualization of DICOM images (ct,mri,ultrasound). Would allow users to flip between different series within a study (see an axial series, flip to the coronal, then sagittal)... (Budget: $8 - $15 USD, Jobs: Visual Basic)

some change in code python. by AhmedSalahA

Wed, 2018-01-17 19:40
i have code python i need do some change this will be fast i need someone good in python (Budget: $10 - $15 USD, Jobs: C Programming, Python, Script Install, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

Estimate Report by riscpr

Wed, 2018-01-17 16:17
I have Excel worksheet would like to convert into a database to generate reports, there is some setup need and pictures to be incorporated on the report. (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Excel, Microsoft Access, PHP, Visual Basic)

Crypto Trading Strategy on Binance based on Order Book by Leviathan86

Wed, 2018-01-17 16:00
I am looking for someone to work with me to help develop a few automated trading strategies Max 120 CAD Order Book Analysis: Looking at orderbook in binance to identify direction of price (top 5 orders / 1 hour volume)... (Budget: $30 - $250 CAD, Jobs: C Programming, Programming, Python, R Programming Language, Visual Basic)

Build me a financial analysis interface (updated) -- 2 by rperezcotapos

Wed, 2018-01-17 15:34
I work in a bank and we usually sell shares to investors. When a company wants to sell a large amount of them they use a mechanism called subasta. The input of this mechanism is a xml file wich has thousands... (Budget: $5000 - $15000 CLP, Jobs: Excel, Financial Analysis, Graphics Programming, Visual Basic)

Camera, video analytic detection of offshore oil spills by RVParijat

Wed, 2018-01-17 14:19
Please read in full before responding. Ask any questions so there is no confusion or misunderstandings. Need you to help us find, program & configure an Ethernet enabled Camera with PTZ to reliably detect oil spills on ocean water, 24-hour operation... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: C# Programming, Data Analytics, Video Services, Visual Basic)

Automated Trading System in Excel by jba1962

Wed, 2018-01-17 14:10
I trade futures, and options on futures, and I want to create an excel spreadsheet with 4 tabs. The first would be to pull down options data from Interactive Brokers TWS platform. Bid/Ask, Greeks, Model Price, etc... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Excel, Javascript, PHP, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

Excel spreadsheet help by davidmac007

Wed, 2018-01-17 12:54
HI there I have an excel spreadsheet that i use for products to populate my website. Its missing many images. I require an excel expert to help create a column for standard images based on the make /model details contained in the file... (Budget: £10 - £20 GBP, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic)

financial and modeling ratios - open to bidding by rpicorelli300

Wed, 2018-01-17 12:22
I want to do a dashboard of mixed-indexes mixed with other kpis oriented to the process of turnaround. I have the whole project draft, but I need intervals to make the spreadsheets and you put in a dashboard format... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Excel, Testing / QA, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

Excel VBA Simple Logical Funtions Seperated By GOTO Line Numbers by Ourkid123uk

Wed, 2018-01-17 12:08
Im using VBA in Excel to work on a fairly simple flow chart that i have created. I have 5 Variations of the flow chart that i would like to eventually test as part of my larger project. The data set im using is simply a range of numbers from Cell A2:A13... (Budget: £20 - £250 GBP, Jobs: Data Processing, Excel, Software Architecture, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

RTSP Streaming control form IP cemerea -- 2 by vishu922002

Wed, 2018-01-17 11:57
I'm looking for a simple function created in VB.NET that will read a RTSP stream. I'm not looking to use a premade control like VLC Player or Real Player. Software should manually handle the RTSP functions like"DESCRIBE" "SUTOP" "PLAY" "TEARDOWN, Etc... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: .NET, C# Programming, Software Architecture, VB.NET, Visual Basic)

Excel Expert with Web Scraping through VBA by aprilada

Wed, 2018-01-17 11:38
Hello, We need an excel vba expert who does web scraping. Details will be shared with short-listed freelancers... Please type "I scrape by vba" at the begining of your message to be considered. ... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Data Scraping, Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps, Web Scraping)

I want to open all e-mails inside an outlook folder and download each link as a pdf. by gffvieira

Wed, 2018-01-17 11:33
I currently use a payment solution that sends automated invoices to e-mails. At the end of said e-mail there is a link (example: to which, if you add ".pdf" at the end, you open the pdf file ( (Budget: R$30 - R$90 BRL, Jobs: PDF, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

MS Excel Expert in handling Big data with complex formulas by Gko27

Wed, 2018-01-17 10:06
MS Excel Expert in handling Big data with complex formulas, data entry from other sheets and making a final model with many sheets. (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic)

Build me a customized excel sheet by moonbeamslights

Wed, 2018-01-17 09:10
We are into business of decorative lighting. We offer customized lighting solution for homes. We provide the lighting solution in xls, where we take each light point and recommend options. Each line will... (Budget: ₹1500 - ₹12500 INR, Jobs: Business Analysis, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic)

Pivot and Graphical Report by royalcalif

Wed, 2018-01-17 04:15
Dynamic Pivot Chart in MS Access accordingly given data. PM Me for more details and sample data too (Budget: $10 - $30 AUD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic)

Create simple VBA form by viswapm

Wed, 2018-01-17 03:15
Need to create a simple VBA form to change the urls based ont he selectionof the option buttons. (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Excel, PHP, Software Architecture, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

Visual Basic 6 (VB6) - Require fast window resizer OCX / ActiveX + User Notification User Interface + Ongoing VB6 work by mbyadav

Wed, 2018-01-17 02:58
A previous developer gave us some code which automatically resizes all the control, objects on a form when it is resized, but it is not very fast, and when maximises a form, there is a delay while it redraws... (Budget: £10 - £20 GBP, Jobs: Visual Basic)

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