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Data Processing

Looking for Excel expert located in North America

Tue, 2018-09-11 19:11
Looking for Excel expert located in North America to manage weekly sheet updates. Your task would be managing/updating massive excel sheets. You will be given all the files required, your job will be to... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic)

Excel Board file

Tue, 2018-09-11 18:48
Import listing, Click and Drag, Selectable, Insert background image Background changeable. Click and drag the text file, excel file data to the box. Clickable data can be edited. Move data around the box... (Budget: $250 - $750 SGD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Excel Macros, Excel VBA)

Hire a Data Entry Operator

Tue, 2018-09-11 17:52
Hello and my name is jimmy and my company is (compass Resources NL), Compass Resources :The company's main assets are mineral resources at Browns, Browns East and Mount Fitch, adjacent to the former Rum Jungle uranium mine in the Northern Territory of Australia... (Budget: $25 - $50 USD, Jobs: Copy Typing, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Web Search)

Data Processing - 11/09/2018 18:52 EDT

Tue, 2018-09-11 17:52
The name of the Company is MFA Oil Company. headquartered in Columbia, MO, But we have locations in many countries, I believe you are well set & eligible to hear and know more about the opening positions Just follow the briefing... (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: Copy Typing, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Web Search)

Finding guys who can help me with typing.

Tue, 2018-09-11 17:24
I have many English magazines to type in. I'll pay 5~8 USD an hour as a remedy for my assignment. And I will give you a little extra money after the typing task is over. (Budget: $2 - $8 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing)

Digitize scan into Excel

Tue, 2018-09-11 17:08
A 49-page scan of a document needs to be digitized into an Excel table. Please see an excerpt attached. (Budget: £10 - £20 GBP, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, PDF)

Uploading multiple products on ebay account

Tue, 2018-09-11 16:24
I am looking for someone very honest and reliable to work on my ebay accounts. Main responsibilities include but not limited to: • Listing of products on eBay and to ensure that all listings are marketed... (Budget: £20 - £250 GBP, Jobs: Amazon Web Services, Data Entry, Data Processing, eBay, Website Management)

Marks Data of School Students

Tue, 2018-09-11 16:18
I need Data of atleast 1000 students. The data should comprise their marks (from class 4 or lower to class 12) and attendance for each academic year (in simple excel format). The data should should be... (Budget: ₹600 - ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel)


Tue, 2018-09-11 16:11
Need US BUSINESSES with SIC CODE, Full record, Contact Name, Postal and EMAIL, Telephone, You must have a database and be able to provide a count right away. This NOT a data mining project. This is for someone who has a good US Business database with good email and postal... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Web Scraping)

Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data a

Tue, 2018-09-11 16:00
I will attach he project description. check and let me know (Budget: €250 - €750 EUR, Jobs: Copy Typing, Copywriting, Data Entry, Data Processing, Marketing)

Manual Data Entry Ecommerce Pricing

Tue, 2018-09-11 16:00
Hi there I need a data entry person to take prices from one ecommerce website, then deduct a specific amount from those prices eg. £3 and input the new prices into my own ecommerce website. There is many price variations so the job is a manual data entry job... (Budget: £20 - £250 GBP, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, WooCommerce, WordPress)

Copy/paste entire folder, lots of times

Tue, 2018-09-11 15:44
I was looking for a program that could actually copy and paste specific folder to its destiny that I will choose, it has to delete older version of files and then paste the new ones. It has to repeatedly do that, like every 3 minutes... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

Enter simple data into excel

Tue, 2018-09-11 15:39
Your task is to enter simple data into Excel (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Powerpoint)

Wordpress Gravity Form To Export Loan Application Form 1003 to Fannie Mae 3.2 format

Tue, 2018-09-11 15:26
This job involves creating a Gravity form (or a new web based form that I can integrate into my Wordpress site) to grab the form data, then convert it into Fannie Mae 3.2 format so it can be imported to Fannie Mae and Calyx Point... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Software Architecture, WordPress)

Opencv and database

Tue, 2018-09-11 15:25
Opencv and database I want to use this software to help me play Texas Hold 'em online First,use opencv Collection of information from the poker table what Everything you see with the naked eye:position,hole card,public card,oppnents, Second,Create a database to adjust the data... (Budget: $1500 - $3000 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Database Programming, Java, Python)

Data Entry Officer

Tue, 2018-09-11 14:30
In this role the ideal candidate will assist with the export of the data of 1200 records to Excel and then data entry it back into the system. The successful candidate will demonstrate: 2-3 years of experience in a similar role (high volume, fast paced)... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Copy Typing, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Word)

data entry

Tue, 2018-09-11 14:24
data processing, letter typing (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: Copy Typing, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Word)

Extract MEDICHOICE product information -- 2

Tue, 2018-09-11 14:22
FIRST CHECK THIS -> No interested in freelancers that bid at one price without understanding the project, and raise the price later. Please take the time to understand the project carefully before bidding... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Copy Typing, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, PDF)

my excel project isnt working and i need it updated

Tue, 2018-09-11 10:57
my business is an antique/collectibles shop I need the pivot table to work correctly (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Accounting, Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Finance)

Medium skilled data entry expert

Tue, 2018-09-11 10:45
We need data entry expert is required. You must collect data from several sites and input it into excel files we will give to you. More information provide to selected candidate. (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Web Scraping, Web Search)

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