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Visual Basic

Panel de Control Inventario (MRP)

Mon, 2019-07-08 08:49
Desarrollar en un excel MRP para control de stock en distintas sucursales, KPI de quiebres y órdenes de compras abiertas (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic)

build me a excel data sheets

Mon, 2019-07-08 07:06
need you to fill specific data in excel will be provided data in pdf forms (Budget: ₹1500 - ₹12500 INR, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, PDF, Visual Basic)

Website - Upload xlsx file, analysis & reporting

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:48
We have a website currently written in - that provides users with analysis and reporting of csv and xlsx reports - The reporting contains tables and graphs to help understanding of the data. 1. User uploads xlsx file... (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: C# Programming, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, VB.NET, Visual Basic)

Mail Merge function for letters or postcards for Plotter/Printer (AxiDraw V3/A3)

Mon, 2019-07-08 04:59
This was asked before, but i also need the same services. Our company needs to print multiple letters/envelopes. I need a solution for an AxiDraw V3 plotter we have just purchased. I want to use MS Word/Excel... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Excel, Photoshop, Print, Visual Basic, Word)

Crystal Report - RPT file -- 2

Mon, 2019-07-08 01:14
need a rpt file created which will be linked to access database. (Access database can not be edited in any way) report will be exported to Excel after is been generated, so we need to make sure each column... (Budget: $10 - $30 AUD, Jobs: Crystal Reports, Database Programming, Microsoft Access, SQL, Visual Basic)

Build vba based Microsoft word templates to streamline documentation of medical encounters

Sun, 2019-07-07 23:45
I run a medical office specialized in traumatic brain injury. I would like to create my own personal word userform templates with multiple choice capable of several selections at the time etc. You need... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

RSA Encryption

Sun, 2019-07-07 23:31
I need a program created to encrypt and decrypt text strings with RSA algo using plaintext public and private keys. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: .NET, Visual Basic)

Excel Spreadsheet formula help

Sun, 2019-07-07 20:17
As an investor I lend money to builders. If a builder is building a home, I release funds to them 2x per month per home to cover invoices. the Builder pays me back once the home has sold. I charge an origination... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Mathematics, Visual Basic)

Solitaire Program

Sun, 2019-07-07 17:37
I am trying to build a program that would be a trainer program for Klondike solitaire. The base code and logic of this program should be already available on Github. (You would have to do some serious editing)... (Budget: $10 - $100 USD, Jobs: C# Programming, Visual Basic)

Crosscheck information from excel documents

Sun, 2019-07-07 14:56
We need to crosscheck some information. You will be given an excel with information from attendees from an expo and you will be given several other excel sheets and we need to create a database of the attendees that match the interests of the second documents... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic)

work from home

Sun, 2019-07-07 14:19
daily duties will be Tracking data and source documents.Prepares and sorts source documents, and identifies and interprets data to be entered.Compiles, sorts and verifies data for accuracy.Contacts responsible... (Budget: min $50 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic)

UI needs to be changed and Build errors needs to be corrected

Sun, 2019-07-07 12:12
UI needs to be changed and Build errors needs to be corrected. Refer attached file (Budget: ₹1500 - ₹12500 INR, Jobs: .NET, C Programming, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Visual Basic)

Outlook Integration

Sun, 2019-07-07 07:30
We are interested in developing a form in outlook connected to our platform where we can open an email and selected the people in the CC or To and then send the action to our platform API. . (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Microsoft Outlook, Visual Basic)

forex Education

Sun, 2019-07-07 04:13
I'm here to help anyone who need help in learning how to trade Forex profitable and make money. contact me for tutoring. (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Customs and Global Trade Services, Training, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

Login automation using VBA

Sun, 2019-07-07 02:42
I want to create Login into website and pull back some data from website through VBA automation using excel. (Budget: ₹600 - ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Excel, Excel VBA, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

Need excel programmer

Sun, 2019-07-07 01:35
Need to extract some data from an excel file (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Excel, PHP, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

VB6 generate Curve and observe specific Y against given X.

Sun, 2019-07-07 00:04
We have developed a software on visual basic 6.0, as an end result of equations, one table is generated and saved in the database, I want to generate a Curve using two columns one for X another for the Y axis... (Budget: ₹600 - ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Delphi, Microsoft Access, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

Reports generator software

Sat, 2019-07-06 22:03
We are an education institute. We need to perform subject diagnosis for our students . We would like a basic software setup which allows us to input questions , allows us to generate a graphical report of their proficiency by topics ... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: C Programming, C++ Programming, PHP, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

Email Automation thru VBA in Outlook

Sat, 2019-07-06 21:33
I have an excel spreadsheet with data regarding buyers. Each buyer has purchased 1 to many items. I want to send a reminder email to each buyer summarizing what they have purchased. The code must be in VBA and send the email thru outlook... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Excel, Excel VBA, Microsoft Outlook, Visual Basic)

Build a excel sheet for my salon business

Sat, 2019-07-06 20:54
I want a sheet where i can feed the data about my customer.when he comes,location,timing,age,products he has choosen,cost etc.also want that i should not write all details about him everybtime. (Budget: ₹600 - ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, PHP, Visual Basic)

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